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EVAL™ Resins

The Widest Range of Grades

Several types of EVAL™ offer different useful characteristics, based on the ethylene mol% content.   These are further divided into individual EVAL™ grades, depending on MFR and other special properties.

ethylene thermometer

EVAL™ M type
has the lowest ethylene content available, and provides the highest barrier for automotive and flexible applications.

EVAL™ L Type
has a very low ethylene content and is suitable as an ultra-high barrier in flexible, bottle and sheet applications.

EVAL™ F Type
offers superior barrier performance with long-term process stability, and is widely used as the standard grade for flexible, automotive, bottle and tube applications. Specific versions exist for coating and pipe applications.

EVAL™ C Type
can be used for high-speed co-extrusion coating and cast flexible applications.

EVAL™ H Type
combines high-barrier properties and long-term run stability and thermoformability. The higher ethylene content allows easier processing and longer running times on older co-extrusion equipment, especially for blown flexible structures.

EVAL™ E Type
has a higher ethylene content that allows for greater flexibility and even easier processing.

EVAL™ G Type
has the highest ethylene content, making it the best candidate among standard EVAL™ types for stretch and shrink film applications.